Use Google Dork To Find Any Movie Link To Download 2021

Use Google Dork To Find Any Movie Link To Download

We are here with an amazing trick. As we Know Movies are Now an Important Part of Our Daily Life :). Almost every person loves to see movies from their PC / Laptop / Mobile device. But Finding the download link of movies is very difficult these days because websites are having so many Ads, which can confuse you about which is the download link of the movie.

What is Google Dork?

Google Dork is something new thing which is not by Google itself. Now, Google Dork is also known as Google hacking. When you put some keywords in the Google search there are some results you will get using Google dork. That information might be very useful for you and one can easily view and download those files on your computer or your mobile phone.

Google has many specific keywords such as if you want to search anything related to your site only then you can write in the Google search. Google will do the rest here it is the same thing but in a different manner.

Now, after searching for your movie this site is going to search for the sites which are having FTP connections and you will be able to download those files easily. This trick will definitely give you a working download link and that too in HD. There are no chances that you receive any ad or something. Then let’s check out how to do those settings.

How to Find Direct Link of Any Movie Using Google Dorks »

  1. You need a web browser of your choice. Whichever you like in my case I am using Google Chrome.
  2. Firstly, you need to open Google search from here –
  3. Now, you need to enter the below code

    Movie name -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)

  4. In place of Movie Name. Just enter any of your favorite movie name which you want to download
  5. For example

Conjuring -inurl:(htm|html|php|pls|txt) intitle:index.of “last modified” (mp4|wma|aac|avi)

6. You will get Some results open any and Simply click on the link, and then you will get the direct download link of the movie for free in high quality, without wasting your time on finding the download link for the movies.

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7. You are done.

Sometimes we can’t find a direct movie link. In most time you find. So use this trick to download high-quality movies and enjoy.

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