How To Turn Your Android Device Into A GPS Tracker?

How To Turn Your Android Device Into A GPS Tracker? 2021

Is GPS Tracking On Android Device possible for everyone? Yes, it is. Please don’t think of it is a Herculean task, or it is costlier. Because the tracking apps and guides that you’ll find on Google may ask you to do a purchase of huge amounts, also the guides usually found searching on google will lead you to buy that and will turn it into a tough coder job.  But did you ever know GPS is such an incredible feature,  now available on our smartphone, that can be considered as a quick method to track devices with some not-so-insignificant limitations, but it can get the job done?

Believe Me! it isn’t any odious task for a noobie or beginner. It just requires very little internet knowledge. Now, Without getting further dilemma I’ll explain here how the GPS works and how it helps you recover your device when lost or stolen or tracking an Android Smartphone or Tablet.

For that, you need to understand the tracking features available in every android smartphone that is sold all over the world.

Android Device Manager

One of the most important features that are available on all Android Firmware released from 2014 has equipped by this multi-useful feature called, Android Device Manager. It is available as an app or settings feature, on your android which gives your device’s location in real-time directly through Google Servers. Hence you can retrieve the location from Google’s Web interface, by logging in with your Google Account which you’ve already used to sign in to the Android you want to track.

But in order to access your device location, this feature must be enabled first. Here’s how you can enable Android Device Manager.

How to enable Android Device Manager

1. First of all, Navigate to Android’s Settings.
2. Locate Personal Settings, tap on Security.
3. Now, Under Device Administration, find and tap on Device Administrators.
4. And Select Android Device Manager.
5. Finally, Tap on it to Activate.

You’ll be asked to allow three permissions, in order to activate it. So allow all the three permissions and enable it.

That’s it now you’re all set to find out the location of your android device for which you enabled the Android Device Manager.

How To Track Android Device Using Android Device Manager?

Once you’ve got the Android Device Manager enabled on your Android Smartphone or Tablet you’re all set to track its real-time location. You just need to check out the following steps to get the location:

  1. You need to Open any Web-Browser
  2. Open and Sign in to Google Account
  3. Now, Navigate to Android Device Manager Dashboard,
  4. Then, click the Locate Device button for your registered device.
  5. That’s all, Now it’ll show its last known location.

So, now you’ve got the correct steps to follow to find your device’s location. The android device manager is fair enough to display you the Device location with accurate precision, you’ll get a maximum of 20 meters of accurate location of the device in areas with poor GPS visibility.

That’s all, We hope this article might help you track your Android Smartphone or Tablet, or Phablet at harder times. if you’re interested to get more info like this, don’t forget to subscribe to us.

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