How to Download Instagram Stories, Videos, Reels and Images

instagram downloader

Instagram reels video download online has become an essential part of the Instagram user experience, and it’s one that many Instagram users are enjoying right now. If you haven’t explored this feature yet, you should check it out. Dowmate makes it easy to download Instagram reels with its solution, so you can watch the videos offline when you’re on the go. Here’s how to use Dowmate to access your favorite videos on Instagram, no matter where you are or what device you’re using!

instagram downloader

How to Download Instagram Stories

  • First Copy Instagram Video or Reels or Story or Image URL
  • Paste URL in Instagram Story Downloader Search Box
  • Then Click on Start Button to Proceed to download
  • Finally, your media is ready to download. Click On the Download button to save insta videos, Images, and reels

There are many social media platforms that are meant for different things, but one of the most widely used is Instagram. Instagram is a photo-sharing app that allows people to post photos of themselves, their friends, their food, their days, etc. All of these photos are uploaded to what is called an album, where the person can select the specific photos they want to upload or they can simply upload all of them. People then use hashtags to search for specific things that are happening that day or that are trending.

What is Instagram Reel Downloader?

A free and quick tool for downloading Instagram reels videos in HD. You may save reels video in MP4 high quality on your phone gallery with our Instagram reels downloader without revealing your login data. The Instagram reels downloader is a free service that allows you to download as many reels videos as possible.

The best part of the instagram Reels video downloader is that we don’t use the Instagram API, so you don’t have to worry about giving us your credentials to download the reels video. You may use our reels video download services without establishing a login or registration account.

Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing app, has been a great tool for celebrities and commoners alike to share their stories with the world. For users, it’s a way to express themselves and interact with other people; for celebrities, it’s a way to keep in touch with fans and promote their latest projects.

How to Download Instagram Reels

Dowmate is an online application that can help you download your favorite Instagram reels. You can easily download any part of your video and share it with your friends or clients. It’s easy to use; follow these steps: Log in, pick up a reel, click on the download button, and then Dowmate will start working for you.

First, go to Instagram and find a video you want. Tap View Profile, then hit Instagram Reels at the top of your screen (under where it says username) and copy the reel video URL and paste it into our tool and click on download; then, you get the video on your device.

Steps to Download Instagram Reels

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Select the reels you want to save or download
  3. Click the three dots icon at the bottom.
  4. A popup appears; select the Copy Link option.
  5. Paste the link into the input box
  6. And click on download Video.

Key Feature of Instagram Reels Download

The convenience with which Instagram reels may be downloaded is quite impressive. Many websites provide ways to download Instagram videos, but none are as convenient as ours. Installing and utilizing Instagram reels download online is a simple affair. It can be started in about two minutes after visiting its website.

Enter our tool, paste your Instagram reel’s URL, and wait for it to operate. That’s everything! You may also use Instagram video downloader to download videos quickly and store them on your computer hard drive rather than on your phone or tablet.

So, what’s different about reels from video and photo stories? Not much, but it’s worth noting that video and photo stories can only be viewed for 24 hours. With reels, you have unlimited access to watch your uploaded content and receive comments from viewers. Viewers can also reply with their photos within a comment thread. That one-way reels are different from video or photo stories.

Why use Instagram Reel Downloader?

One of my favorite features about Instagram is its ability to share some great memories and moments that I’ve captured on video. While there are many ways to share these memories online with others, one of my favorites is sharing my videos as an Instagram reel, which users can then download for later viewing.

Facebook video downloader websites are perfect for saving your reels to view them offline. They also make it easy to save all of your reels at once if you have a lot saved up. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t lose any of those awesome memories!

Can I download Instagram reels from private accounts?

The short answer is no. You can only download videos from public accounts. If you try to download a video from a private account, you’ll see an error message saying, this video isn’t available for download. You have been denied access.

How do I find Instagram reels to watch?

There are plenty of ways you can browse for and find new reels. Here are some things you can do. If you’re on a desktop computer, look in your Explore tab (the magnifying glass icon in your main feed). You’ll see a section called Featured which will show you reels that have been created by popular accounts or featured by Instagram itself. ‘
You can also search for specific hashtags like #instareel or #videoreel to find relevant content. And if you’re on mobile, tap into any profile page and tap See more under their bio, where you should be able to see any available reels. Tap Watch next to any reel you want to watch. Once it’s done playing, swipe up and select Save as video or save as a photo.
It’s important to note that videos cannot be saved as photos – so choose wisely! Now that you’ve saved your reel, you can upload it back onto your own story by going into an existing post or creating a new one.

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