How To Hide Your Videos,Photos,Apps,Musics In Your Android Device

Published 11 months ago on March 6, 2021

By Amelia Emma

How To Hide Your Videos,Photos,Apps,Musics In Your Android Device 2021

Hello, Candy viewers, today I’m with a bunch of apps that are so helpful for you to hide your media files(including Videos, Photos, Music) and apps on your Android Devices. Hiding your Videos, Photos, Apps, Music makes your data safe from the sneakers and makes your device much private.

With these following apps, you can make your data private and secure by hiding it with password protection. Some of these apps also enable you to hide the media and data along with the app. So if you’re a guy or girl having some or many private pictures or videos and you don’t want it to be seen by any others, even accidentally these apps are a perfect choice.

How To Hide Your Videos, Photos, Apps, Musics In Your Android Device

1. Calculator

Calculator Hide Download LinkThe calculator is an android application that originally looks like a common calculator app, but this app hides our videos, images, and files. The app can be turned into a locker, by setting up a code for it and unlock it by entering and shaking the device two times. This application is the latest secret method to hide your videos, images, and files.

How to Use Calculator ›

  1. And the app increases your privacy protection by making people believe it’s just a Calculator. Download and Install Calculator Hide
  2. Open and Set your password (This is required to unlock the vault)
  3. Enter your teacher name or something other like this for forgot password
  4. Enter the password enters in step 2 and-and shake your phone
  5. Now you will get unlocked
  6. Select the files to hide by pressing the add (+)  icon
2. Audio manager

Download Audiomanager Now
Audio manager is another app to hide your important and private data. It opens into an audio control theme from which we can fully control the audio. It primarily looks just like an audio manager but will get opened to a secret vault when we touch and hold the title audio manager.

How To Use Audio manager ›

  1. So unlike the above Calculator app, this also protects by its fake UI. Download and Install Audio manager
  2. Open it and click and hold on the Audiomanager Header
  3. Set password
  4. Select and hide it
3. Applock ›

Download Applock Now
Applock is much like those previous hiding apps, but this app does have a lot more unique options than those described above. It will also look like a locking app but believe me, it is a hiding app. This app can be completely hidden from your home screen, and we can open it simply by dialing #1234 from your dial pad.

How To Use Applock ›

  1. These are the most used and secure apps for hiding your Videos, Photos, Apps, Musics In Your Android Device. Download & Install Applock
  2. Open and set a password or pattern
  3. Go to protect >magic and tick on hiding Applock
  4. Hide app lock by #yourcode
  5. Move the files videos images to the vault

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So if you’re a person of privacy and secrets these apps are more than useful for you to hide everything on your device, including apps. So do not forget to leave comments and to subscribe to our updates.

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