How To Enable Guest Mode On Android (inbuilt or non-inbuilt)

Published 10 months ago on March 27, 2021

By Amelia Emma

How To Enable Guest Mode On Android (inbuilt or non-inbuilt) 2021

Android the best device in current time use, has become addiction for today’s young generation and nobody want to reveal their privacy mainly in case of personal device. Nobody wants that someone check their device without his permission but who cares about this if you have already given.

Now I have a solution to make it easy, if you do not want that your friend or relative shouldn’t desperate from your side and along with it you can maintain your android privacy.

This can be done with android guest mode. In brief I will tell you about guest mode feature and in last you will definitely be happy to know it and its uses. Now just sit back & read it with peace of mind.

What is Android Guest Mode Feature ?

In guest mode of android you can set preferred apps for other users in case you want to keep safe your privacy. You wouldn’t delete your content anyway. So I think  you have now some idea about it.I know you might familiar with guest mode feature but not all, oh yaa not you all. Okay I am telling about it. Guest mode is feature to maintain your privacy and as it is clear with its name that you can give access to other user without losing your privacy and sometimes it can be your reputation 😉 I think you got it.

This feature is available for android and may be it is now available for others. But 80% of users are android user. You might be android user, am I right? Okay now to keep your privacy really without losing your personal data or any other info you can follow our simple steps.

What are  benefits of Guest Mode ?

With guest mode feature you can get various benifit and mainly to secure your personal data. Guest mode feature limit other users to access your personal data or any other info.

You can set your preferred app for use of another user. You won’t feel hesitation to give your device to others.

Is Guest Mode available for all devices ?

Unfortunately it is available for limited devices and in this Samsung, LG, Gionee and Moto are first. Android 5+ version support it.

The devices which I have mentioned have this feature inbuilt it mean you haven’t to take any other extra step to set it because you can just do it by given.

But do not worry if you haven’t device loaded with this cool feature still you have probability to get it. It will not be a thought task it is an easy task.

How to set up in Inbuilt or Non-inbuilt ?

There are two methods available one for inbuilt and one for non-inbuilt device. Some android phones contain it as inbuilt and some haven’t it. So I am explaining both so you can avail it without any issue.

It is to easy if you have device already with inbuilt Guest Mode feature. You just need to swipe down your phone’s Notifiaction Bar by swiping down twice from top.

  • After getting your notification bar on screen you need to click on +Add User or Avatar Icon which is third option out of three.
  • Now you can see a alert message before proceeding further and you need to click on ok.
  • Then wait for a moment and you will see a processing with switching to new user text.
  • After a moment you are ready to enjoy guest mode and you can easily drive it as normal mode.
How to Recover/Disable Guest Mode ?

Recovering guest mode from inbuilt is really very easy. Just click on your previous account from your main avatar and you will be back in your main mode. To remove guest mode permanently you need to click on it and after that you will get option to Remove this account and you will be done.

How to Set Guest Mode in Non-inbuilt ? 

In Non-inbuilt device you need to install third party app from Google play store or I will provide directly Apk file to download. After getting this Apk in your smartphone you can enjoy  the guest mode feature even if you haven’t any inbuilt feature of guest mode. I think you will be interested to install it if you really want to enjoy safety feature without any heavy work.

Install Apk to Enjoy this Feature –
  1. At first you need to install Guest Mode – AppLock Privacy APK
  2. Download and Install Apk file HERE
  3. Now install this apk file and open it to use it normally.
  4. Click on ‘+’ icon and tick the apps you let other users access when the guest mode is enabled.
  5. Click on ‘APPLY’ button.
  6. Now click ‘NEXT.’
  7. Select the timer as per your need.
  8. Then you will get a password. That password will be the repeating number of timer you had chosen. (suppose you have selected ’10’ then your password will be ‘1010’).
  9. Now, a guest mode for Android in the running.
How to Remove Guest Mode from Non-inbuilt ?

Now I have to describe how you can remove this mode from Non-inbuilt featured device. It is too easy as previous version. Simply follow these steps to remove it.

  • Click on the notification bar.
  • Select the guest mode icon.
  • Now, Enter the password which is provided to you(for, e.g., 2020).
  • That’s it you are on previous/main mode.

Final words on Guest Mode method/tweak ›

Finally we have explained this tweak for our visitors so can be used if you are not familiar with it. Hope it will be useful for you and share this tweak if you really liked it. This is recommended if you do not want to reveal your privacy and do not want any extra app like app vault etc. You just need to click and you will be in safe zone. So click and be fearless.

Thanks to visit us. Hope we will meet again.

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