How to Convert Video Files to Audio Files Without Any App

Published 10 months ago on March 22, 2021

By Amelia Emma

How to Convert Video Files to Audio Files Without Any App 2021

Today we are here with different content. Today we will tell you about how you can convert your video files (Mp4, Flv) to audio files (mp3) without any app and without losing your existing video file. You can make it easily.No no need for any app or software. This method will work smoothly in Android Devices and another user can give it a try. I think this method will work in other devices also but we are not sure because it is not tested except for android devices. So today you will learn about this concept and you can save a little amount of data with this method because if you have video files of some songs or any other content then you have no need to download an mp3 file of the same. You can convert this file into mp3 with our simple working trick. Now don’t waste your more time and follow the steps.

How to convert mp4 file to mp3 files-

1. First of all open your device’s file manager For Better, Use ES File Explorer File Manager

2. Now open those folders in which you have stored your video files (like video folder or any other)

3. Now select a video file that you want to convert to an mp3 file by long click on that file

4. Now after a long click you can see many options on your screen

5. Select the “Rename” option ( this option may be different in different file manager apps )

6. After clicking on “Rename” you can see the full file name and last you can see .mp4

7. Now edit it and name it .mp3

8. That’s it done !! Now your mp3 file is ready to use in audio file and one thing you hadn’t lost your mp4 file

9. You can play your mp3 file in your device’s “music player app”

10. If you will play your video file ( converted to mp3) then you will not be able to play in audio version

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